5 Surprise Mini Brands launched in the USA!

In cooperation with ZURU, one of the biggest toys distributors in the world, we managed to turn our Little Shop collectibles campaign into shelf toys, starting at Walmart USA and Canada!

We shrunk 115 of the most iconic American brands into collectibles for kids. The Mini Brands combined with famous ZURU 5 Surprise ball will give the ultimate unboxing experience!

The 5 Surprise capsule contains five compartments. Four of them are filled with the iconic Mini Brands and one of the them contains a shopping cart, basket or shopping shelves. Children can collect, trade and play with their own grocery store.

In just two weeks we’ve already passed 6,5 million views on Youtube for the Mini Brands campaign! The toys are a massive hit is the USA, with more (r)etailers to launch, so we’re also preparing new line-ups.

Curious about what our Little Shop can do for you? Contact our Project Manager Freek Breeman at freek@un.ga or +31519075858 for more information on how to inspire the hearts of your little shoppers!

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