‘Build’ a better future with construction-based toys

At UNGA we know kids. One of the reasons we know them so well, is that we actually do a lot of research. And one of the things that particularly gets a lot of our attention is the relationship between play and development. Countless research papers have been published about the vital importance of play to the development of kids (of all ages). Recently we’ve been looking closely into the educational value of construction toys like Lego. One of the most relevant researches that came up was a paper by the University of Colorado that confirmed our thought. Playing with construction toys is good. Very good.

According to the paper, children who play with construction-based toys or interactive devices are more likely to succeed later in life. Kids who play with toys such as Lego and certain video games develop a better spatial awareness. Childhood play experiences strongly shape a person’s spatial skills. Study shows that children who played with construction-based toys excelled in subjects like science and engineering. Spatial skill scores were significantly higher among students who engaged with construction-based toys, and certain video games. The researchers dissected the influence of several factors on spatial skills scores and found out that when researchers control the impact of childhood play patterns, gender differences disappeared.

At UNGA we also have our own construction educational blocks campaign. Completely compatible with Lego and branded to your own retailer. Education and very fun. Like to know more? Please contact senior account manager Annabelle Kruger at annabelle@un.ga.

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