Children DO like to read!

With all modern technologies, one would easily conclude that children no longer like to read old-fashioned books  – and find it boring (booh). Interestingly enough, recent product testing sessions in our UNGA kids-lab showed the contrary.

We, at UNGA are always challenging ourselves to get to the essence of what children find interesting and above all fun to do. We do this by putting our ideas, samples and products to the test at various points throughout the concept development cycle.  We recently tested a super secret new concept that involved good old fashioned books. The results of the initial tests blew our minds as that despite all modern technology and distraction, children still found the books super interesting.

While we unfortunately can’t elaborate in this post too much about the concept we are very excited to share that according to us, there is still a bright future for books.

LIMA licensing data also shines an interesting light on the popularity of children’s books. Al around the world children like to read different types of books, but when it comes to the most popular licensed books, the wizard boy Harry Potter books almost everywhere tops the list in popularity with both boys and girls. In all countries the local children’s books are also very popular. Like the Petit Ours Brun in France and the Dikkie Dik books in the Netherlands.

And finally fairytales that have survived generations seem to never loose their charm.

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