Chinese parents are trying to boost their children’s intelligence from the very start

Learning while having fun, for Chinese kids this mentality already starts at an early stage of life.

With 90% of parents buying toys to develop their children’s intelligence and creativity, you might ask yourself, what else is on their mind when shopping toys? The survey shows that “no hazardous chemicals” and “safety” are parents’ major considerations when buying toys for their children.

Hong Kong companies are seeking international safety certification, showing parents their products don’t have health hazards. This is of big importance, knowing children aged 3 and under tend to put everything in their mouth. Although department stores and hypermarkets are still the main channels for parents to buy toys, many now like to buy toys online while sharing shopping information. Hong Kong companies are not to overlook this trend and should put affords in online sales. Interesting? Read the full article by clicking on the source link above.

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