We are sharing our insights!

We know kids. Day-in day-out we work for and with kids to bring you and your shoppers the best, most fun and educational toys and campaigns.

To do so, we put significant effort in research and generating relevant insights. We have a dedicated insights team that has a big toolbox to get answers to any questions that may arise. Whether it is focus groups, interview-based-product testing, quantitive A/B testing or trend analyses. We’ve got it. We’re proud to say we have come to a point where we are the global experts on toys, kids’ marketing, kids’ entertainment & kids retail loyalty.

Why keeping all this information to ourselves when it could help you in your business decision making? Exactly. That is why as of today we will be sharing the most relevant kids, toys and retail loyalty insights right here on our blog. Depending on the type of content we will re-post to our LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, so be sure to follow these to not miss a thing. We’ll be posting a few times per week for a start. All posts are either based on our own insights or from trustworthy sources. All presented to you in quick and easy to digest reads.

The blog is something that we primary do for you, so please let us know if you have any feedback on what to improve by dropping us an email at insights@un.ga. Also, if you have any specific research requests, do not hesitate to reach out since we’re very happy to finding the right insights.

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