Our Little Garden campaign got nominated for the Loyalty Magazine Awards 2018!

We’re really excited to tell you that we’re in the finals of the Loyalty Magazine Award 2018!

With our New World Little Garden campaign in New Zealand we got nominated for no less than the following four categories. Best Use of Communications, Best loyalty Programme of the Year – Food Retail, Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative & Best Short Term Loyalty Initiative.

For the second time in a row we turned children all over New Zealand into little gardeners. How? By making a miniature set of 24 seedling pots so they could grow their favourite herbs, fruit and vegetables.

Kids learnt all about feeding them with water, light and love – and discovered that the more care they put in, the faster they’d grow. Parents played along, stimulating conversations about nature and healthy eating. And retailers benefited from the children understanding the story behind their fresh products and brand.

The result? A massive retailer success and a green-fingered educational frenzy that encouraged kids to grow outside and play.


Curious to know how Little Garden could help you ‘grow’ your business? Contact our account manager Patricia Thomopoulos at patricia@un.ga.

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