Little Garden sprouts everywhere!

We’ve seeded our Little Garden format in new territories. Bonjour France & Hello South Africa! Needless to say both campaigns are a massive hit.

We love turning children all over the world into little gardeners. How? By making miniature seedling pots so they can grow their favourite herbs, fruit and vegetables.

With our little seedlings pots, kids learn all about feeding them with water, light and love. Children discover that the more care they put in, the faster they grow. And it’s not only the kids who love to get their hands dirty. Parents play along too, stimulating conversations about nature and healthy eating.

Besides the huge ‘grow’ in sales value, other benefits for retailers are the children understanding the story behind their fresh products. With two green campaigns running at the moment, we try to contribute to a more healthy and fun world for kids.

Can’t wait to find out where our little seedlings will grow next? Contact our account manager at!

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