Our Little Garden campaign is officially the world’s best!

For the second consecutive year we have won the Loyalty Magazine Awards. This year we are proud to announce that we have been recognised best in class for Best Short Term Loyalty Initiative with our Little Garden 2 campaign for New Zealand retailer New World! We beat our competition by simply delivering an amazing campaign and outstanding execution.

As the judges put it; ‘’UNGA aligned its brand with the store behind it to deliver a green initiative that showed environmental integrity and using every channel to get their message across.’’

For this campaign, we grew children’s grocery loyalty to a whole new level. New Zealand grocery retailer New World conducted an extremely successful, sustainable and educational short-term loyalty campaign. During the 6-week promotion period, shoppers received a free Little Garden seedling kit with every NZ$40 they spent, allowing them to grow their own vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers. There were 24 different seedling kits.

Children learned where the food they consumed comes from. How pollination works and what it is to take care of a living thing in a very fun way. It also helped seed the benefits of environmental responsibility at a young age. Schools all over the country embraced the campaign and used it as a fun way to teach children about biology, science and more.

Each and every time we develop a concept, we set the goal to find the perfect balance between fun and education, integrated with a retailer’s DNA. With Little Garden we nailed this into perfection and we are pretty proud of the recognition given by the industry peers.

A big shout out to all of our UNGA colleagues and New World NZ for getting millions of New Zealand’s kids’ hands dirty.

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