Our sustainable Discovery Garden campaign is Australia’s top hit!

Our new ‘Discovery Garden’ campaign, has reached WoolworthsAustralia on September 11th, a sustainable concept which soon became exceptionally appealing to kids and adults! With every $30 spent consumers receive 1 seedling kit out of all the 24 unique veggies, fruits and flowers!

Kids, families and adults have become huge fans of this campaign by trying to get as many kits as possible to create their own special garden full of fruits, flowers and vegetables! A fun and educational activity that teaches kids the characteristics of each plant, how to be environmentally conscious and how to improve their nutritional habits. The whole family is involved and a beautiful garden is created which puts smiles on their faces and creates some meaningful time together!

Since our first Little Garden campaign was launched in 2016 it has been a tremendous success in the countries involved and we just love to make families around the globe happier by doing this.

Interested in growing your sales with a sustainable campaign? Contact our Commercial Director Wouter Aalberse at wouter@un.ga for more information and see kids being transformed into Little Gardeners!

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