Super excited kids grew their herbs thanks to our ‘Little Chefs’ campaign!

Our brand-new environmentally friendly ‘Little Chefs’ campaign was launched in the Netherlands at PLUS on September 1st. This encouraged children to grow their own herbs and even inspired them to consume them in their food! Consumers were very enthusiastic to collect all the 20 characters and see herbs growing from their “heads”!

At UNGA we not only care about bringing fun to children but also about educating them through enjoyable activities. And we achieved just that! Kids excitedly collected different herbs and engaged themselves with healthy eating. More than that our ‘Little Chefs’ contributed to quality family time where parents and kids cooked together using their fresh herbs!

Interested to see your sales growing with our sustainable ‘Little Chefs’ campaign? Contact our Commercial Director Wouter Aalberse at for more information and see kids and parents becoming super enthusiastic to collect, cultivate and harvest all the herbs!

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