The benefits of gardening for kids

Gardening is an activity for young and old. People of all ages can enjoy gardening, but children in particular will have lots of fun and gain special benefits.

Children can learn new skills, have fun, play and develop self-confidence by spending time in the garden tending plants and growing their own food. Most children enjoy being outdoors and love digging in the soil, getting dirty, creating things and watching plants grow.

Kids with different ages will all have different expectations and will learn different things in the garden. Younger children will require careful supervision during activities while older children are physically capable of handling a greater variety of activities.

Besides that it is a healthy and fun activity for kids to do. Gardening is also very educational and helps them to develops new skills including: reasoning and discovery, understanding and self-confidence. Furthermore children learn responsibility from caring for the plants and learn to be creative by finding new and exciting ways to grow their own food.

We, at UNGA, always want to help children in their development. You too? Contact and find out how our little seedlings can help.

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