We got nominated for the Loyalty Magazine Awards 2019!

Our Coles Little Shop, Checkers Little Garden and Deen Holocards campaigns got nominated for the Loyalty Magazine Awards 2019! This year we got nominated with three different campaigns in four different categories! We’re really looking forward to the awards in June!

Take a look at our nominations below!

Deen Holocards Netherlands

Dutch grocery retailer brings innovation
We created a successful, fun and educational loyalty campaign for Dutch grocery retailer Deen. During the 6-week promotion period, shoppers would receive a free Holocard with every €15 spent, allowing them to draw their own superheroes using an innovative drawing table integrated in the collector’s case! There were 36 different superheroes to collect and bring to life.

Nominated for:
Best Short Term Loyalty Programme

Coles Little Shop Australia

Coles booms sales by shrinking the world
In July 2018, we launched Coles Little Shop in Australia with over 75 million branded miniature grocery items to collect featuring brands such as Nutella, Pantene, Nescafe and other household names. Little shop fever hit the country and saw people lining up for hours at stores to swap their miniature for the one they were missing. The supporting toy merchandise sold out across stores nationwide. Some customers were selling their full sets on eBay for over $1000!

Nominated for:
Best Loyalty Programme of the Year – Food Retail
Best Coupon/Voucher Based Loyalty Programme – Virtual or Paper
Best Short Term Loyalty Programme

Checkers Little Garden South Africa

South Africa grows children’s grocery loyalty to a whole new level!
We created an extremely successful, sustainable and educational short-term loyalty campaign for South Africa’s grocery retailer Checkers. During the 6-week promotion, shoppers received one of 24 free Little Garden seedling kits with every R150 they spent, allowing them to grow their own vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers. There were 24 different seedling kits to collect.

Nominated for:
Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative Linked to Loyalty
Best Short Term Loyalty Programme

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